Start reaching your full potential with private lessons, either in person or online. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, these private lessons are tailored to your specific needs. No matter what instrument you play, jazz style and improvisation lessons are available to anyone who is interested in learning.

Lessons in person are available in the Nashville, TN area.   

What Can You Expect from Lessons?

  • Fundamentals - Having a strong fundamental foundation is the key to proper playing on the instrument. Lessons will focus on improving range, articulation, flexibility (slurring), intonation, sound, and technique.

  • Proper Practice Habits - Knowing how to practice correctly is the best way to ensure progress as quickly as possible. Too many students waste countless hours of practice time because they do not do it effectively and efficiently.

  • Style & Repertoire - Being a well-rounded musician is essential to meeting the demands placed on the modern trumpet player. Lessons will focus on stylistic etudes in both classical and jazz as well as major works in both idioms.

  • Ear Training and Theory - Knowing how music works and training your ear to understand what it is hearing is vital in being able to perform well. There’s a lot more to music than just notes on a page and being able to decipher the musical code will make you more of an asset to a musical ensemble.

  • Audition Preparation - Whether you are auditioning for a local honor band or a professional ensemble, auditioning is a skill in and of itself. Knowing how to prepare for an audition so that you are able to handle the pressures of the situation will allow you to play your best and represent yourself accurately.

How Do Online Lessons Work?

  • Paypal - A Paypal account is required for all secure payment transactions. Payments must be made prior to the start of the lesson.

  • Skype - The preferred method of online interaction is through Skype due to its widespread use across all operating platforms. You will need to setup a free account to receive lessons.

  • Computer- Mac or PC, or smartphone.

  • High Speed Internet Connection - Dial-up connections will be too slow for online lessons.

  • Webcam - Not a must but helps to address certain issues involving breathing and embouchure.

  • Microphone - A high quality external microphone is preferred. The higher quality will give a more accurate representation of your sound. Built-in microphones are acceptable.

  • Your instrument


Half Hour Lesson: $30

45min Lesson: $45

Hour Lesson: $60

Audio recordings of each lesson are available for an extra $5

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